Solvent briefly

used in various branches (paints & lacquers, pharmaceutical, textile, food processing),
  • we are the only one manufacturer of n-butyl acetate in Poland,
  • we operate in the domestic and international market,
  • we are a major shareholder of „Eu-Trans” - transport company that allows us to provide a comprehensive customer service both in Poland and in Europe,
  • the interest of our clients is particularly focused on our Logistics Centre providing service activities, storage, mixing and esterification,
  • we possess a high capacity storage depot of liquid chemicals,
  • we have three networks of railway tracks with unloading ramps,
  • we benefit from the European funds what allows us to implement new and innovative process solutions as well to modernize  the existing ones,
  • we offer products of the highest quality,
  • our constantly growing share in international markets is a result of direct marketing and a customized approach for each client,
  • we own a specilized Laboratory with a qualified staff.
  • Being an effective and competent team of people we ensure a professional processing and completion of orders.